The Most High-Tech Sportsbook Websites

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By The Intern

If you’ve been betting sports for a long time, the one consistent sentiment you get is that while internet, technology and general browsing advance, sportsbook websites don’t.

Some sportsbook websites are ancient. BetJamaica is off the map now, but their website never ever changed. Today by the watercooler, as we were talking about this subject, a coworker wondered aloud whether TheGreek even has a web team because their home page has been identical for the last 10 years.

high tech sportsbookThere’s no doubt that as bettors, we are creatures of habit and a lot of us don’t like change. We like to know where the lines are, we like to have everything in the same spots and some of us are even superstitious to the point where we get thrown off if something changes.

But for the rest of us, there are some real luxuries to be had from sportsbooks that keep up with the times. While there are companies that stick with the status quo, there are those who stick with the cutting edge and continue to make non-stop innovations that really make betting not just a hobby, not just an experience, but an overall pleasure.

There are not many out there to keep track of but for the purposes of this article, we’re highlighting two that continue to be the leaders in the industry as far as high-tech sports betting websites go:


Without a doubt, Bet365 (Bet365 review) has the best sports betting website on the net. It’s just a real pleasure to log in there and use their service.

Right off the bat, they have widgets that pop-up if your account is empty and need to make a quick deposit. Truly, it’s a minor thing, but it’s such a handy little thing when you’re in a hurry.

Stepping into their in-play betting, you’d be hard-pressed to find a book on the net that has as many options and as much variety per game as far as live betting goes. If there’s chicken fights going on in a back alley in Kentucky, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bet365 had live-betting on it with props as to which round little Jerry Seinfeld is going to win or lose.

Some other nice touches on their website is the live streaming. While most bettors are constantly on or other sports streaming websites, Bet365 offers some live streaming right in their sportsbook. Right now, the sports are limited to European stuff that probably won’t appeal to North Americans, but you can’t deny that it’s a pretty sweet feature coming from a sportsbook.

Another fantastic feature is mobile betting at Bet365. A lot of sportsbook websites just load however your Android or iOS browser will load it, but Bet365 has a dedicated site for your action. There’s no sports betting apps (as there is a debate whether they are legal to have or not) but Bet365 has done the next best thing. When you visit via Safari or whichever mobile browser you’re using, the site morphs becomes touch-friendly and really easy to use on a touchscreen smartphone. That’s lightyears ahead of what most sportsbooks do.

Kudos to Bet365 and their fantastic development team for always staying on the cusp.


As soon as you load up Bodog’s URL (Bodog review), you know you’ve found a different type of sportsbook. If a lot of sportsbook home pages are just Plain Janes, Bodog immediately gives you the feel that a well-groomed Minka Kelly has entered your presence.

They’re definitely not just about looks, though. It’s Bodog’s signature that whatever they do, to look good while doing it and that’s awesome, but you can’t knock their hustle from a tech standpoint at all.

Their live-betting product is extremely sharp. They, too, are on the ball with plenty of variety in that section, but when you load up a football game, they have a tool that shows you which team has possession, where they are on the field and what down.

This is consistent across the board for all of their sports as they give you details on each game just as a gamecast from ESPN or CBS Sportsline would, which means you don’t even need that extra browser window open.

Just like Bet365, we’d be remised if we didn’t mention, which is their dedicated site to mobile gamers. If you’re at the sports bar surfing on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be thankful that you’re a Bodog customer and not someone else. Instead of having to zoom in or use a finger to tap tiny screen menus, Bodog has created a site devoted to mobile that makes your life much, much easier. The buttons are big, the usability is simple and betting becomes a breeze on your mobile device. That’s the type of cutting edge that we’re looking for.