Mayweather’s Betting Record Not As Perfect

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Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to media attention and that would probably be the understatement of the century. The boxing champ has never been beaten inside the ring, and he has also shown himself to be a champion gambler as he often tweets pictures of winning betting slips he has made, often for insanely ridiculous sums of money.

There was a huge fuss made when Mayweather (who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan) reportedly bet $3 million on the Michigan Wolverines to upset Alabama, which didn’t happen as the Crimson Tide romped over the Wolverines. Mayweather has stated that he never bet on the Wolverines, but some of his critics are also saying that Mayweather only posts pictures of winning tickets, not when he loses.

However, “Money” did tweet out a picture of his losing bet from last Sunday, when he lost $100,000 on the Detroit Lions to beat the St. Louis Rams in the first half. But, Mayweather being who he is, he also tweeted that he won wagers of the same amount on New England and San Diego. The pound-for-pound king (arguably) also claimed to come out on top in a $250,000 bet on Atlanta, so overall, Mayweather did have another good betting day.

Money is no object to Mayweather, who was #1 on the list of richest athletes in 2012 and is always a pay-per-view draw when he steps between the ropes. He made $85 million (without endorsements) over the last year according to a Forbes report in July, which is $25 million more than second-place Phil Mickelson. Mayweather continues to flaunt his wealth with these outlandish wagers, but those can do, and those who can’t, complain. Look for Mayweather to tweet more winning betting tickets in the future.


List of Floyd Mayweather’s Big Sports Bets

$3 Million on Michigan Wolverines +14 vs Alabama Crimson Tide (Lost)

$1.8 Million on Los Angeles Clippers vs Memphis Grizzlies Game 1 (Won)

$180,000 Dallas Cowboys Second Half vs New York giants (Won)

$100,000 Detroit Lions First Half vs St. Louis Rams (Lost)

$100,000 Utah State Second Half vs Utah (Won)

$1 Million New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos (Won)

$200,000 Wisconsin vs Wisconsin-Milwaukee First Half (Won) - 2011

$400,000 San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks (Won) - 2011

$150,000 Purdue vs Western Michigan (Won) - 2011

$80,000 Auburn vs Virginia Second Half (Won) – 2011

$30,000 Houston vs Penn State First Half (Win) – 2011

$50,000 Houston vs Tennessee First Half (Win) – 2011

$220,000 Alabama vs Georgia Tech (Win)