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Sportsbook Reviews


The site is bright and invites you in, lots of white space which is different from other competitors. I also like the way they draw you in with navigation menus like Benefits and their main landing page trumpets all of the reasons to choose Youwager. Know of any other site that has close call parlays at lower odds. I love it, they really want to make you feel good.


At first glance the odds offerings do not appear all that robust. If you go line by line you are probably not missing much but it certainly might look like you are so you might move on. They do not offer as many individual game result props on an everyday basis as some other sites.


90 /100


It appears that there a lot of standard features. Instead of wowing you with a diversity of lines they are offering loyalty programs and gambler’s insurance. It is a different approach and one that should be of interest for those who know going in that they want to play a lot but are not likely to break the bank. This look’s like a good home for recreational bettors.

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About Youwager Sportsbook

Don’t let the .eu fool you as far as I can tell this site is based out of Costa Rica. No reason for concern there as many sites call that domicile home. This one has been in business since 1994 which means it has weathered several iterations of the internet sportsbooks and is still kicking. Longevity says a lot in this business and this outfit is running five other books as well - the First Fidelity group.

How To Contact

Phone: 800-YOU-WAGER (800-968-9243)

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What’s Their Reputation?

As expressed earlier if you are looking for a site with the sharpest or most creative odds than this one is not for you. If you are looking for one which truly wants and appreciates your business than you should give this one a try. Personally I love any sort of loyalty system because most people are the kind of players to churn a lot but never really get that big payout.

Who Bets At Youwager?

It is impossible to know for sure but everything about this site makes it a good one for recreational players not big money or sharps. Those that are attracted by all of the benefits and don’t mind if the lines are not the sharpest. Professional’s are not in the habit of seeking insurance and would be looking for larger limits.

Deposit Methods

Phone Deposit
Bank Wire Transfer

Withdrawal Methods

Phone Deposit
Bank Wire Transfer

How Is Their Customer Service?

Youwager offers the standards in customer service in terms of toll free phone number, email and live chat. For those who prefer documenting concerns via email they have a number of email addresses you can initiate with depending on the nature of your concern e.g. marketing, poker, credit card etc.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

The interface for placing bets is pretty straight forward. There are others who are a bit more advanced in the way they execute this function but it works.

Methods of Betting



Reviewing The Rest Of The Youwager Website

The site is easy to navigate and the things that stand out to me are the little information and customer service advantages.

I like that all of their information is cleanly laid out in charts - such as parlay tables, teasers, point buying prices and more. Also, I really love the feature of the close call parlay. If you are off by just one game you can still be a winner, of course at a smaller payoff. I know this probably encourages increased parlay playing, which likely still favours the book but it feels like a small giveback that I am sure the actuarial tables support.

At current there is no mobile site or mobile wagering application. This is a definite deficit as many want to be able to make their wagers from anywhere on a mobile device.

Betting Variety

Youwager definitely has you covered for betting on all the major sports in North America plus soccer of course.

In terms of line variety they are pretty good, offering some half time wager and the like but they are definitely not leading the pack here. Their in game wagering is pretty basic too.

They are offering some prop bets but nothing out of the ordinary, I guess US Election bets are now considered ordinary. There are no individual game props except for special events like the Super Bowl so they are not really getting into the fantasy sports style of wagering. Speaking of football they do offer Thursday and Sunday football contests throughout the season.

There is definitely a shading towards a North American audience with their offerings, not a lot of Euro Basketball coverage but soccer is pretty good.

Betting Limits

The following limits are for spread plays.

NFL Games: $10,000
NBA Games: $5,000
NHL Games: $3,000 ($5,000 for money lines)
MLB Games: $3,000 ($5,000 for money lines)
NCAAF Games: $5,000
NCAAB Games: $5,000

Limits are lower for totals, parlays etc.

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

As part of the First Fidelity family of books they are offering a loyalty program and the cool thing is you get benefits whether you are a big player or not. Points are acquired based on the number of wagers and can be applied to free rolls, free payouts or gamblers insurance.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

Youwager has a self titled Bronze through Platinum offer when you sign up. The range is 20% to 35% free play bonuses. All levels have 50% buddy referral bonuses and if you deposit at the Gold or Platinum level you get a Gambler’s Insurance bonus as well. Deposit bonuses are only for North American customers though and rollover policies are in effect.

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