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Huge bonuses, solid betting content in the blog; handy stats section; good variety of betting lines; good selection of contests; excellent reputation now that they are part of the BetOnline family.


Betting engine is very straightforward but could be better as it feels a bit old school


94 /100


Sportsbetting is evidence that good change does happen in the online betting industry. With BetOnline behind them, this book has quickly morphed from mediocre to excellent. Their payouts have been coming like clockwork and when you team that with a great reputation and some nice deposit bonuses, SB becomes one of the better choices in the sportsbook industry.

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About has switched hands recently and is now managed by BetOnline. That being the case, Sportsbetting immediately receives a huge boost in reputation - especially with payouts. We liked a lot about their book before and now with the financial woes behind them, they are one of the top books on the net.

How To Contact

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What’s Their Reputation? used to have a shady reputation but now that it's in BetOnline's hands, the brand has improved markedly. Picture Kia being taken over by Mercedez-Benz: it would get a huge boost in credibility. Payouts have been running smooth under new management and customer reviews are at an all-time high.

Who Bets At is a book for the casual gambler. They have lots of contests, good bonuses and fun betting events to entice the person who bets recreationally.

Deposit Methods


Bank Wire

Western Union

Pre-Paid gift cards

Withdrawal Methods

Bank Wire


How Is Their Customer Service? has a good track record of customer service now that it's part of the family. Previously, it was managed by the Jazette Group and their reputation is questionable. Nowadays, is smooth sailing.

Their payouts come as requested with no hiccups and customers have been pretty happy with the service. Nowadays, they take any concerns seriously and deal with them aptly. High marks here.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

Betting at is virtually the same as betting at BetOnline. Many people have done that, so the process should be quite familiar.

What you see is mostly what you get, which is something we appreciated in our review. Many times, a sportsbook will feature one appearance when you are not logged in and you're just surfing their live lines. Then, when you sign up and log in, you see a completely different method of betting. With Sportsbetting, that's not the case. If you take a look at their live lines in their sportsbook section, you'll see exactly what you're dealing with. You pick the sports on the lefthand side, the lines pop up in the middle and the only difference is that when you're logged in, the bet slip appears on the left. That's where you set the amount you would like to wager, confirm, etc.

You'll also get a dashboard at the top of your screen that shows your balance, messages, history and so on. It's straightforward and easy. That's how we like it.

Methods of Betting


Reviewing The Rest Of The Website

The first feel you get when logging onto is that it looks fairly modern. Clearly, that was one of BetOnline's priorities - to make it look sleek - when they took over in the middle of 2012.

There is a pretty good blog with sports content, updated usually with many articles providing relevant picks and previews. They have a staff of writers that produce about around four or five articles per day with stats, handicapping information and predictions. While it's not exactly ESPN, we did find the information to be worth a read before placing bets. Another opinion can't hurt. It's a nice feature to have as most sportsbooks don't bother with this; this shows that SB does in fact care about the site, it's customers and appearing up-to-date.

Other than that, the site is fairly basic. People looking to bet will like the fact that it's quite easy to get in and out.

Betting Variety has a large variety of betting lines and most North American players will be satisfied as they have plenty of coverage for all of the major sports and even soccer fans will be pretty happy.

They lack in the category of live betting – they have some, but not a lot – but they do have lots of props on the main events, such as a wide array of props for the main NFL games of the week as well as prospective lines for upcoming weeks even before the line has been set in most places. We found that to be a great feature as they’ll offer lines for Week 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 even though Week 8 is the current week where the action is being played. Few sportsbooks present that.

Overall, you won’t get bored with the options here.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $7,700

NBA Games: $3,300

NHL Games: $2,200

MLB Games: $3,300

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

No VIP program is available.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered? gives you a 20% cash bonus upon your first deposit with a maximum bonus of $250. That’s a pretty decent bonus considering its cash – not free play – and you only have to roll it over four times. will also give you a 10% reload bonus if you re-up on Thursdays, which is capped off at $100 and tied with a three-time rollover.

One other bonus is you get 5% off on juice on Fridays, which drops the lines to -105 on NFL, NCAAF, NBA and NCAAB spreads.

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