NorthBet Sportsbook Review

Sportsbook Reviews

It can be difficult to carve out a place for yourself in the online sportsbook market, and that is what NorthBet is trying to do. They were started in 2010 and yes, three years in the game still makes them a relatively new book. This can be a gift and a curse, but they are always looking to improve and they should be on your radar if you are looking for a new book to add to your repertoire.

NorthBet’s hook is their lightning-fast payouts as they know how much that matters to players who want their money, when they want it, which is usually as quick as possible. This can be a real dealbreaker for players because if they can’t get their money quickly, or they get the runaround when they try to take out their money, they won’t be returning any time soon. At NorthBet, you can get your money out of your account in the same day and if you have a NorthBet debit card, the transaction can take about two hours, which is unheard of when it comes to online sportsbooks. The debit card definitely helps in this regard, although you can still use the methods you typically get with sportsbooks; Visa, Mastercard and bank wires, for example. Try both ways to see which works for you, but there haven’t been many complaints about the debit card yet, so that could be the path to take.

In regards to lines, you get the usual at NorthBet and of course, football is going to overrule anything, but this shouldn’t be a surprise as it is the same at most online sportsbooks. There are a few articles on the site with advice on what to wager on, but not a whole lot and as for the site itself, there isn’t much to it. It is very easy to get around, which is good for inexperienced players and those that don’t want to be bothered by a lot of flash. This means the site loads quickly and that is a major plus for most players, and another good thing about it is that it is simple to make bets with the betting engine; NorthBet isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to betting engines. On their site (, you will also find links for their social media feeds, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Google Plus.

As for bonuses, NorthBet offers referral bonuses; if you get a friend to sign up, you receive 30% on their first deposit and 5% each time after, although you BOTH have to be members. There are also bonuses to take advantage of in the Racebook and Casino aspects of NorthBet, and the more you deposit into your account, the higher your bonuses will be, although it also increases the number of times you have to rollover.

Overall, NorthBet still has a way to go before they prove they are a top sportsbook, but they’re off to a solid start. The payouts are a huge lure and as long as they don’t mess with their customers in that regard, they can work on everything else. NorthBet is definitely worth a try for online sportsbook players.

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