Matchbook Review: Cute Idea

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Among the lowest juice you’ll find; steady payouts with no problems


Can’t always bet what/how much you want; no deposit bonus, but still a two-time rollover; limited bet selection; no parlays, teasers etc. as only straight bets are offered.


77 /100


Matchbook is a good idea but that falls short. Because you’re betting against other players opposed to the house, you’ve always got to find someone to take the action on the other side and that simply isn’t always the case. If it was more popular, it would be great but as it stands now, it really likes the opportunities, variety and limits that any normal sportsbook offers.

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About Matchbook Sportsbook

Matchbook is a sportsbook with a unique concept that will work for some, but will fall short for most. The idea here is that you don’t bet against the house; instead, the house merely matches you to the bettors who want to take the opposite of what you want to bet on. The good news is it means there’s very small vig on all of their lines but the bad news is that it’s tough to always find someone to take the other side of your bet – and also for the amount you’re looking for.

One of the best feature of a sportsbook (in general) is that they’re will to take the opposite of whatever team, side or total you want to play and they set the odds accordingly. You don’t get that freedom at Matchbook as this is a glorified buddy betting system and while the concept is unique, it’s entirely too limiting for day-to-day usage.

How To Contact Matchbook

Phone: 1-877-586-9477

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Live chat

What’s Their Reputation?

Matchbook has a clean reputation and can be recommended from that regard. They did have tied to WSEX in the olden days when WSEX was a reliable, respected company but as soon as they went downhill, Matchbook severed all tied.

They simply match bettors so the action is between them opposed to taking it themselves, which means they’re very secure for payouts and withdrawals.

Who Bets At Matchbook?

It’s definitely a book for the sharps because of the lower juice, but they are limited by the low betting limits.

To understand and successfully use Matchbook, you’re more likely to be a sharp as the casual guy just wants to login and play without worrying about some kind of a weird system. Without a bonus and with minimal variety, it’s attracts more sharps than rec players.

Deposit Methods




Bank Wire

Interbook Transfer

Withdrawal Methods




Bank Wire

How Is Their Customer Service?

Matchbook has fairly good customer service, but you’ll rarely need them for anything. Betting at their sportsbook is more like playing Texas Hold ‘Em: you’re playing against other bettors and they don’t have anything at stake. They take their small rake and go on about their business.

Since that’s the case, deposits and withdrawals are no problem. They’ll gladly pay you out when you need it because they don’t have any serious stake in the games, and therefore aren’t nearly as much as risk as a normal sportsbook, so your money is on hand (assuming Bernie Madoff isn’t running the ship).

Customer service is friendly and reliable. Our main experience with them was testing how patient they were explaining the website and their betting market, and we had a good experience there. We don’t have any complaints.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

It’s actually a bit tricky placing a bet on; there’s a learning curve. You’re basically working with a stock market so it’s not exactly find, click and confirm. You have to take notice of how much supply (money) is available on each bet and whether that suits your needs (demand) or whether you need to bet more.

If there isn’t, then you can create a new order for your bet and hope someone matches it. IF not, you’ll have to bet less.

There’s a how-to guide on their website that makes it easy to understand but just think of it more as supply and demand, opposed to the regular way where the sportsbook meets your demand on whatever you want to bet.

At Matchbook, you basically place orders as in the stock market. If someone sets a price and you like it, you can buy their shares but only as many as they have. If you want to buy more – or want to set a different price – you can do so, but keep in mind somebody has to fill that order.

Methods of Betting


Reviewing The Rest Of The Matchbook Website

There’s not much else to talk about on as it is a Plain Jane website. There’s no content, there are no moving parts and there’s literally nothing else but the very basics.

It definitely gets boring quickly, especially with such a limited variety.

Betting Variety

Variety will likely be the deal breaker for many people considering Matchbook. We found that using this book simply limits you from too many standpoints to really have a good time betting or do it professionally.

For starters, they don’t have a ton of betting categories or selections to choose from. For example, there’s no UFC betting, auto racing or exotic props. This is a strictly bread-and-butter book and it’s more like margarine and crackers here. If you’re coming from Bet365 and their pages of options, this is going to feel like a deserted town.

Among the major sports, there’s a complete no-show of props. If you want game-day props for NFL Sundays, they don’t have them. And anything other than a “Who will win the championship?” prop is not likely to be here.

But the bigger annoyance is with the limits (see: Betting Limits section below) as it doesn’t give you the flexibility to bet how you want as most sportsbooks do. Also, teasers and parlays are simply not offered here. Only straight bets.

The good thing about the house is that they’ll hop on the other side of any bet you take. If you want to tease, please, parlay or whatever, they’ll do it and that’s the flexibility and luxury you get from every other sportsbook on the internet. Unfortunately, Matchbook doesn’t match up in that regard.

Betting Limits

At Matchbook, you’re limited to the amount of action that has been placed on a game. That may sound a bit quirky at first, but here’s how it works.

On a given game, the average players are going to bet Team A and bet Team B. Let’s say we’ve got a spread where Team B is favored by four points. It will look something like this:

Team A +4 ($800)

Team B -4 ($3,397)

So the number in brackets indicates how much other bettors have offered for those lines and if you accept, they can match you.

So if you like Team A +4, you can bet up to $800 (because someone has put up $800 saying they like -4) and they’ll match you to. Now if you don’t like those odds, you can create your own offer with your own odds, and hope someone matches.

So the inherent problem here is you’re limited by what is offered or who will match you. At a normal sportsbook, if you want to bet $2000 on any team, you go and do and nobody stops you. Here, you have to place an order and hope somebody accepts it. If they do, congratulations. If not, then you sit on your hands.

It’s a neat idea because you can save a lot on the juice but when you’re limited in so many other ways, it’s simply not worth it.

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

None available.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

There are no bonuses offered at Matchbook.

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