LowVig Sportsbook Review

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LowVig offers bettors the great value of low juice. Why would anyone pay -110 - or regular juice - on moneylines, spreads and totals when a shop like LowVig can save you money on every bet.


Still a relatively new brand that is building up it's reputation in the community.


94 /100


LowVig is an excellent option for those looking for a low juice shop. Sharp bettors understand the value of paying less per lines and eventually, everyone else will too.

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The Five Ws Of LowVig Sportsbook

Are you in the market for a new online sportsbook? Look no further than LowVig Sportsbook, a book for those that love the low juice and they realize what it can do for them in the grand scheme of things. Low juice is something that will scare off many players if they don’t know what it means and how useful it is, but LowVig makes it easy to understand and in no time, you will be wondering why you haven’t been on the low-juice train.

What: First, you have to understand what low juice is. The juice, or the vig as you may hear it referred to as sometimes, is the fee that a sportsbook will charge for making a bet. For example, if you see a line at -110, that means you have to bet $110 to make $100, and that $10 is the fee for the juice. This is how sportsbooks, online or otherwise, make their money.

When: LowVig was started in 2011 as an alternative in the game of online sportsbooks. There are not a lot of these types of books on the market as most are standard, offering -110 lines, which is great for the newer players, but the more experienced sharps want better savings and they will get that at LowVig. But you don’t need to be a sharp to enjoy the savings. Start early and in the long run, you will be saving a boatload of cash that you can put towards something else.

Where: You will find LowVig based out of Costa Rica, and you can also find their website at LowVig.ag. Keep that website bookmarked and you will be able to find their email address as well as a phone number to reach their incredible customer service representatives if you have a question about anything from starting an online betting account to questions about the games they offer.

Who: LowVig comes to us from the great folks at BetOnline, which has long been one of the pillars in the industry of online sports betting. It is only right they stretch their legs and expand into other areas of online sports betting and the idea of low juice isn’t something you will see a lot of.

Why: It is truly quite simple. The more you bet, the more you save, but you can still earn the exact same amount from making a $110 bet as you can making a $105 bet. Why spend more if you don’t have to? LowVig gives you that option and they have a slew of other games at your disposal along with the normal games you would find in a sportsbook. Where else can you play some dominoes in between making sports bets?
There you have it, the five Ws of LowVig. All you have to do is head over to LowVig.ag and see for yourself. The amount that you save as you are making your wagers will blow your mind, so sign up and now and start taking advantage of everything low juice has to offer you!

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