Legends Sportsbook Review: Blacklisted

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Excellent customer service and excellent reliability; they aren’t going to disappear in the middle of the night; quick website; bonuses above industry standard


Very limited variety for betting lines; low limits for new customers (but can be negotiated)


86.5 /100


Legends may not have all of the bells and whistles of a Bodog, but overall, they provide a secure, trustworthy platform where you can get your action in on the major sporting events. There might be areas where they are not the industry leaders (variety, lack of live betting), but their customer service definitely competes with the best of them.

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About Legends Sportsbook

Legends claims to be “the most respected sportsbook”, which might be too much of a Barry Horowitz-sized pat on the back, but it’s not the biggest exaggeration.

If you like clean, simple and secure, Legends is an excellent choice.

While they might not have a signature feature that separates them from the crowd, they do everything fairly well, present good customer service and provide a good experience.

It’s a quality place to deposit and play.

How To Contact Legends

Phone: 1-888-282-8989 or 1-800-246-9828
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Live chat

What’s Their Reputation?

Legends has a good, clean reputation; it’s kind of like driving a Nissan. You’re not in a BMW but you know that you’re still getting good quality.

They are somewhat quiet on the marketing front, so the name may be new to a lot of bettors in the game, but they are known to be reliable. It’s a trusted shop in a world that seems to be lacking exactly that.

Who Bets At Legends?

Legends is pretty much in the center of the spectrum when it comes, meaning it’s not really a public or sharp shop. It’s in the middle.

They really don’t have eye-popping bonuses to capture the casual crowd, and they don’t have the sharpest lines to bring in the pros. It’s just a place that offers reasonable bonuses and reasonable lines, and plenty of security.

It is worth noting that they did bring over a sharp contingent when they merged with The Pig, which was known for low juice. But they also have very low bet limits ($500) for new accounts, which definitely would not work for sharks.

Deposit Methods

Western Union
Cashier’s Cheque
Credit Cards

Withdrawal Methods

Western Union
Cashier’s Cheque (one free per calendar month)

How Is Their Customer Service?

While Legends sometimes gets ripped for being a tad vanilla, and maybe not standing out from the crowd with some unique feature, we can proudly complement them on their premier customer service.

When it comes to processing payouts, getting paid out and dealing with day-to-day issues, they are a straight up book. There’s no tap-dancing with fine print or bogus rules; if you want your money, you can get it very easily.

In this day and age, when shops close their doors and leave their customers very nervous, Legends gets an A+ with their customer service. They talk the talk about having the fastest payouts in the industry and they surely walk the walk as well.

There is one sour note, however. Their customer service department is not available around the clock, as most sportsbooks are. You can always get a hold of them as long as live events are ongoing, but if you get the itch to place a futures bet over the phone after your 2:00 AM viewing of Cheaters, you’ll get an automated answering machine on their end. The good news nowadays is the phone game is far less important; their website is always up and available for betting.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

Betting at Legends is like riding a bike. Actually, it might be even easier as there really is no learning curve.

Their logged-in state has a different look than their home page, but the categories are on the left-hand nav and the lines popup in the middle as you select them. On the right is your betting ticket, where the numbers are entered and confirmed.

Aesthetically, there are a lot of colors on the page and HGTV might have a problem with it, but we are fine with the quick-moving site.

They do have a separate version of the site tailored to mobile bettors, but we were fairly disappointed with our experience on the iPhone. For starters, it doesn’t take you directly to the mobile page to begin with – you have to click it once you reach the regular home page – and we still needed to do plenty of zooming in on the page once logged in. For all intents and purposes, the functionality is the same as using their regular version in Safari. It’s good that they have a tailored version, but the tailor has to get to work to make a better fit.

Methods of Betting


Reviewing The Rest Of The Legends Website

At first glance, there’s really not a whole lot more to the Legends website other than betting. That’s why we do these reviews, though.

You’d have to dig just above the footer to find that they actually have a steady stream of content in their “Legends Blog”. That’s mostly filled with a one-a-day-type news or previews, but they also have a “Legends News” section where they provide a once-a-week article about how the bettors are doing versus the book.

It would give the site a lot more life if the content was feature or even if the promotions were more visible. At least after reading this you’ll know there’s more to the site than just what appears to be a static page for betting.

Betting Variety

If there is an area where you can liberally criticize Legends, it’s the variety. They don’t have live betting, they don’t have much in the way of props and even futures for the major sports aren’t steadily up. If you bet soccer, this isn’t the place for you. They are barebones.

All you’ll see here is current and mainstream sporting events. For many, the four major sports is enough, but for those who don’t know, there is a much bigger world out there than just that.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $500
NBA Games: $500
NHL Games: $500
MLB Games: $500

These are the set limits for new accounts. A phone call usually can change that as these are notably low.

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

Legends Sportsbook does not offer a VIP program at this time.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

If the industry median is, say, 10% or 15% for initial deposit bonuses, Legends is slightly above the cusp as they offer up 20% cash bonuses upon your first deposit of more than $100. You can pick up an extra 5% if you deposit mid-week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Unfortunately, there is a $500 cap.

For returning business, you can pick up 10% on your bonuses and another 5% if it s again done during the middle part of the week.

Tied to these bonuses are a five-times rollover if you put in under $1000 but when you go above that benchmark, it increases to seven times.

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