BWIN Review: Good UK Shop

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Fast, reliable payouts; sleek website; good variety with quality live betting; loyalty program rewards bettors with exciting rewards.


Not as many sports betting options or casino games as Bet365; contacting them is more difficult as well since they don’t have live chat or phone numbers for North Americans


84 /100


Bwin is a book that should be added to the repertoire. It’s a good first option as they offer quite a bit of everything but if you’re also looking for a book to use as a secondary choice for shopping around, they’ll definitely suit you. Since they are a publicly traded company and are affiliated with many sports leagues and teams, you’d be hard-pressed to find a sportsbook where your money is more secure.

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About BWin Sportsbook
Hailing from the U.K and also being a publicly traded company, it’s only natural to compare Bwin to the gold standards of William Hill and Bet365. Bwin definitely measures up in most regards as they have good customers service, fast payouts and excellent security. They also have a good loyalty program, which definitely adds a uniqueness to their flavor.
How To Contact Bwin

Phone: 00350 200 777 61


What’s Their Reputation?

Bwin has a reputation that’s mostly clean as they are in fact a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, but they have had a few hiccups with basic customer complaints a couple of years ago. It stems from the fact that the sportsbook didn’t like to be transparent with their in-house matters, but nothing too serious. They’ve never had any issues paying out players.

They recently merged with PartyGaming, who has made a more concerted effort to communicate to watchdogs or onlookers as to why they make some of their decisions.

We don’t have many concerns as they are a publicly traded company – especially one that’s tied to so many sports teams and leagues. They have a slew of stockholders to answer to, which is enough of a watchdog by our standards.

Who Bets At Bwin?

Bwin is definitely a home for recreational players as they offer plenty of variety, a loyalty program and a snazzy website.

Sharps look for low juice and that’s not offered at Bwin.

What they do have is a large variety of live betting options, which is sure to appeal to everyone around. Even their options for betting the regular day-to-day stuff is quite large when you click-into a game, you’ll find a wackload of props or variations.

Deposit Methods



Diners Club


Bank Wire

Prepaid Card

Withdrawal Methods

Bank Wire


How Is Their Customer Service?

Bwin has good customer service as they are fairly cordial, and they have improved their communications overall since merging with PartyGaming.

One nitpick we’ll have is just contact them as they don’t have a phone number for North Americans to use, they don’t have live chat and e-mailing them is through a form. Yes, it’s great that the website and company run fairly smoothly, but it would be nice if there was an easier way to reach out to them the odd time.

Our main focus with customer service will always be on payouts and Bwin never has issues with that. As long as that maintains, so will our high grade on their customer service.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

Bwin has a simple, sleek website with is easy to use.

The layout seems to be right in between the strictly-business option from their one big competitor Bet365 and a little cleaner and streamlined than their other major competitor William Hill.

Overall, placing a bet is almost identical to its other two competitors – and most sportsbooks nowadays – you find the categories on the left, choose the lines from the middle and confirm on the right.

The one nitpick might be the actual betting ticket as it takes a second-look how to remove bets, which isn’t anything major since you’ll know where to look after the first time, but it’s just something we noticed.

Overall, it’s very clean and simple.

Methods of Betting



Reviewing The Rest Of The Bwin Website

Bwin keeps things pretty simple on their website as they want to keep it nice and easy for the bettors to find what they want: the lines.

They do a good job of supporting the lines with a relevant image here or there, along with a couple of lines of text previewing the story of a specific game, but they are definitely not over the top with it. They update it daily and it shows that there is someone there keeping up with the times. It’s a happy medium between the static sportsbook websites that bore you to the ones that go overboard with flash and graphics; they’ve done it right.

We’d also commend them on the color scheme. The predominant colors are black, grey and yellow, and it really works as your eyes jump to where they need to go. Again, other sportsbooks sometimes make it too busy with too many things jump out at you but this look really limits the noise.

An area where we were disappointed was their mobile website, which isn’t great as it took us to a WAP page. If you’re using an Android, you can download their mobile betting app but the problem is if you have an iPhone, you’re caught in between and won’t have as good of an experience betting through your phone.

Aside from betting, there isn’t a lot of extraneous activity as they keep it streamlined. There’s a video section with more than 1500 live streams each month, but other than that, it’s strictly business here.

Betting Variety

Like most sportsbooks in the U.K., Bwin has fantastic variety. From every soccer league imaginable to handball, volleyball and tennis, you won’t get bored. And, of course, they have all of the major sports covered from top to bottom.

Like Bet365 and William Hill, they also offer quite a bit of variety in their live betting section, which definitely ranks among the best on the net. They’ll also give you some video streams to watch, which is a nice touch.

They also have a slew of exotic wagers and you can really dive into the props of many of the major events and get lost for quite some time. You might feel like it’s Super Bowl weekend quite regularly given the amount of betting options they have here.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $4,000

NBA Games: $4,000

NHL Games: $1,500

MLB Games: $4,000

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

One area where Bwin does standout is their loyalty program call b’inside.

As you place bets, you collect b’inside points, which can then be used on lots of different swag. You can get yourself a pool table for 3,200,000 points or an American Football for 120, 000 (which is probably the only way JaMarcus Russell will ever earn the chance to hold another NFL football).

You can even earn yourself a BMW ActiveHybrid X6 for 230,000,000.

We are always for loyalty programs because they are a forgotten feature in the online world. One of the best parts of going to Vegas is they comp you based on your action whereas nobody seems to bother with that online.

Bwin does and that’s one realm where they clearly separate from the pack.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

Bwin has a very modest signup bonus as they’re will to payout $50 for signing up. It’s definitely nothing to write home but it’s surely better than nothing.

Click here to visit Bwin right now.

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