Bovada Sportsbook Review

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Good looking website, plenty of live betting, large variety on props; excellent customer service.


Lacking early lines, no low juice options.


89.5 /100


If you’re looking for a good betting experience, Bovada is exactly that. Good variety, good service and a good time overall is what you’ll get with the Bovada/Bodog brand.

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About Bovada Sportsbook

Bodog has split up its brand to separate from the US and non-US market, leaving Bovada as the top dog for Americans. For all intents and purposes, it’s the same sportsbook, which means you’ll get a sexy website, great customer service and plenty of betting options from a company that truly aims to be the best in the game.

How To Contact Bovada

Phone: 1-888-263-0000
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What’s Their Reputation?

Bovada/Bodog has always had a stellar reputation in the game. Their known as a fun shop where you’ll have a good time and get paid out. Beyond that, most people don’t really care.

One thing we’ll commend them on is their constant aim to improve the product. While companies like TheGreek simply offer the same thing they did in 1995, Bovada does an excellent job of sticking with the times, adding live betting, adding fresh content and continually trying to be cool. That’s the type of place that’s fun to be a part of.

Who Bets At Bovada?

Bovada is clearly a public shop as their aim is to attract casual players. They aren’t a shop that’s going to take on plenty of professionals as they prefer for Joe Q. Public to be laying his action there.

Following that trend, their lines are a bit soft, underdogs tend to have good value and limits are a bit lower (although sometimes negotiable) compared to the professional shops.

Deposit Methods

Credit Cards
Rapid Transfer

Withdrawal Methods

Courier Check
Rapid Transfer

How Is Their Customer Service?

Bovada has always had steady customer service and they tend to treat their clients equally as a Vegas casino treats theirs. Their goal is to cater to you because they know if you’re happy, you’ll keep coming back.

Bovada doesn’t have payout problems and whenever there is an issue, they are happy to communicate it to you. Overall, you’ll be quite satisfied.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

Betting at Bovada is similar to Bodog, so if you’re familiar with that process you’ll know what’s happening here. A key for both sportsbooks is that everything looks good while you’re doing it, so it will cost you a little bit of speed. To be fair, we’re only referring to the people who aren’t using high-speed internet or 3G mobile speeds.

Once you log in, you’ll see the categories on the left-hand side and as you click through, the main options will appear in the middle. Once that is displayed, you narrow down your selections and confirm.

The live betting is a lot of fun and it’s made easy by how organized it is. You’ll get a separate pop-out window for live betting with a slew of options to choose from. We like the fact that with the pop-out, you can examine the live betting in that window while still peruse the regular lines in the original window.

Overall, they’ve clearly done their test and it’s one of the smoother user experiences in a sportsbook.

Methods of Betting


Reviewing The Rest Of The BetUs Website

Bovada has a really sharp website – just as Bodog does – and that’s really makes it one of the best in the business.

When you first log on, the layout is very clear. The images and general look give the impression that the site is readily update, which it probably is, and there’s a lot of options but nothing is overbearing.

There’s a big content section with unbiased previews – maybe two per day, or so – and that’s a nice touch. We especially appreciate that they don’t have a bias as many sportsbook websites that offer content also gives picks, which just rubs us wrong a little bit. Just give us the stats; we’ll make the decisions. Regardless, it’s a very lively section.

They’ll also offer plenty of promotions that change, which again shows that someone is up on things. Even more to that point, we really appreciated the constant changing of images (specifically the ones of athletes), which just gives us the feel that the site is current. That’s not overly common from a sportsbook.

Overall, we like the features and we can definitely recommend it for you to try.

Betting Variety

Bovada claims to have the largest selection of props in the industry and they might not be lying. BetUs used to be the top dog but they’ve fallen off hardcore and Bodog/Bovada has always put plenty of care into their props. As a matter of fact, you can find their lines on USAToday, ESPN and Yahoo, so you know that they aren’t simply making an empty claim.

Outside of their props, they have all of the major sports covered well and they offer a decent selection of live betting. After you deposit at Bovada, you’ll be entertained with plenty of lines to choose from.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $2,000
NBA Games: $1,000
NHL Games: $1,000
MLB Games: $1,000

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

None available.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

Bovada offers a 20% freeplay bonus upon your initial deposit with a limit of $100. It’s a little bit lower than what we’d like to see, but it is on par with their competitors like SportsInteraction.

You’re able to use the free play on any bet and any odds, which is different than, say, Bet365, who has all sorts of restrictions on what you can bet with your bonus money.

The good news is they have a very small rollover at just three times, which is about as low as you can find in the industry.


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