When LeBron James missed his first 10 shots of Game 3 against the Atlanta Hawks there had to be at least a few fantasy GM’s shaking their heads wondering what was wrong with the NBA’s biggest superstar and whether or not both he and the Cleveland Cavaliers could recover.

There was an overwhelming feeling that the UFC was cooking up something big for UFC 187, and this card shouldn’t disappoint featuring not one but two title fights on the line. Jon Jones was originally scheduled to face top Light Heavyweight contender Anthony “Rumble” Johnson in a championship bout until Jones was stripped of his title.

Time flies and in the MLB this saying couldn’t be truer. It’s mid-May and already teams have played close to forty games. It’s been an interesting season thus far coupled with a few overachievers and a few underachievers. The Houston Astros have been a pleasant surprise, as they sit 5.5 games ahead of the Los Angeles Angels in the American League West.

By Chris Sexsmith


For horse racing fans this is the most exciting time of year, as trainers bring forth the best thoroughbreds around in hopes of winning an elusive Triple Crown title. There have been several close calls in recent years, with horses taking home both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, only to lose at Belmont. Affirmed was the last horse to succeed, winning the triple crown in 1978.

The UFC continues the fight to improve their brand image after losing the face of their franchise to a string of disappointing events, taking advantage of new locations hungry for mixed martial arts. This Saturday, May 16th, the UFC takes their show on the road, as the Philippines will host their first ever UFC event.

By Chris Sexsmith

It’s been a tumultuous week for the UFC, following news of Jon Jones leaving the scene of an accident after striking a vehicle and breaking the arm of a pregnant women. Jones the light heavyweight champion could not have picked a worse time for this transgression coming off of the recent controversy of his positive drug test for cocaine.

With the NFL season still more than four months away, the focus has shifted to the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as the start of major league baseball. The end of April is however one of the most exciting times for general managers and fans, hoping to strike gold in the NFL draft.

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