1. Chiefs lacking sacks. One telling sign that the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t good enough: they were blown out at home to the previously winless Miami Dolphins. Another reason: they have just nine sacks on the year. Every other team in the NFL has reached double digits. What’s worse is that Tamba Hali has six of the teams nine sacks.

Wondering where the public money is for Week 9? WagerWeb’s senior odds maker Dave Johnson has stopped by to talk shop about where the money is moving for Week 9. The San Diego Chargers are in a tough spot this week, hosting the Green Bay Packers, who are coming off of a bye week yet the Chargers themselves are on a short week after a painful overtime loss on Monday Night Football. But are the sharps with the Chargers?

Coaching for Jerry Jones is sometimes like coaching for a big college football program: you better beat your rivals consistently and you better look good in front of the national audience or you’re done. Garrett and his Cowboys have failed to do that this year. Yet again, the Cowboys were sloppy, undisciplined and unprepared.

We’re on to Week 8 of the NFL season and it’s once again time to go inside the NFL lines with Dave Johnson, who is a senior odds maker at WagerWeb. He shares some insight on how the sportsbooks have been handling the zero-win Colts, the explosion of overs and neutral site affairs. How tough is it getting to entice bettors to take the Indianapolis Colts - especially following a 62-7 blowout...

1. Rams have the best shot to go winless. The Rams are absolutely abysmal. What once was an encouraging/improving defense under Steve Spagnuolo is in shambles. As for the offense, Josh McDaniels has done to it what Toni Braxton has done to NBA basketball teams: ruined them. The snap-judge reaction is to say that the Indianapolis Colts are worse, but the Rams point differential on the season is -115 and they’re not the ones coming off a 62-7 loss to New Orleans.

Week 6 of the NFL season will feature a game in London, two nine-point home underdogs (if the lines don’t go any higher) and a pair of double-digit home favorites. And, oh yeah, it’s once again Tim Tebow time. To help us break down the opening lines, the movements and to fill us in on where the public and sharp money is coming in for this week...

1. Jim Schwartz Set A Bad Example For His Players. Any head coach in any sport always preaches one thing when it comes to extracurricular skirmishes: don’t be the man to retaliate. Yet on Sunday, Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz did exactly that after San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh gave him a boisterous handshake and a “nice try, Junior” pat on the back.