We're coming down to the final month of action in the NFL and bettors have five more regular season weeks to make some money before the playoffs. WagerWeb senior odds makers Dave Johnson joins us to give his weekly insight as to where the money is for Week 13: The Detroit Lions are back in primetime this week and it looks like some sharps like them plus the points early on in the week.

After making some big offseason moves like signing Ray Edwards and Dunta Robinson, the Falcons defense was supposed to be improved. After the last two weeks, there are some serious questions. In both games, the Falcons jumped out to big leads on the Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings but in both cases, their opponent had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but we’re still in the thick of things for Week 12. With quarterback injuries galore, previous contenders fading and new contenders on the rise, we caught up with WagerWeb senior odds makers Dave Johnson to get some insight as to where the money is for Week 12: The Buffalo Bills take on the New York Jets at the new Meadowlands this week and while both teams have struggled recently, the Bills have labored more so.

1. Where are the Cutler critics now? Remember the last time Jay Cutler got hurt? Let me remind you: it was the NFC Championship Game earlier this year, and everyone was calling him a pussy. Some Bears fans felt they should separate themselves from Cutler and find someone else to be their franchise quarterback because Cutler wasn’t tough enough.

It took 11 weeks, but it looks like the public has lost interest in the slumping San Diego Chargers and the fading “Dream Team” Philadelphia Eagles. WagerWeb senior odds makers Dave Johnson stops by to dish where the money is on four key games for Week 11: 1. San Diego is slumping while Chicago is streaking - where has the action been for this Sunday afternoon showdown?

1. When Jets play poorly, Rex Ryan disassociates himself with the team. Rex Ryan is a shrewd coach. When his team plays well, he's all about the trash talk, the team spirit and the 'we're all in this together' approach. When they start to lose, he disassociates himself from the team. Now he's "doubtful" that the team will win the division. Pretty much every other time he's talked this year he's said they are going to win the Super Bowl.

We’re into Week 10 of the NFL season and it looks like we can start to weed out some of the pretenders from the contenders. As per usual, WagerWeb’s senior odds maker Dave Johnson joins us to tell us where the public and sharp money is for this week. It looks like people are quickly jumping off the New England Patriots bandwagon.

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