The Kentucky Derby affectionately dubbed the most exciting two minutes in sports is just around the corner, taking place on Saturday, May 2nd at Churchill Downs racetrack, in Louisville Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby is a tradition that dates back to 1875, featuring some of the best three year old thoroughbred horses in the world. The Derby is exciting for bettors and there is plenty of potential to make good coin.


In recent years boxing has suffered through a lack of rivalry with very little fluctuation at the top of many weight classes. Heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko has ruled over heavyweight boxing since 2006, and the lack of serious challengers has put a blemish on boxing’s entertainment value.

Anybody that didn’t understand just how important relief pitching is got a major wakeup call in last year’s postseason when two of the best helped the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants make it all the way to the World Series where the National League representative eventually emerged victorious. Fast-forward to this season and MLS teams have put a premium on arms in their bullpens as they try and find the perfect combinations for closing out games. The Giants, Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates all deserve honorable mention for quality bullpens but they didn’t make it among the best of the best. Here is a look at the three best bullpens in the majors right now.

The NBA regular season is almost over. Which four teams are the best choices to take home the Lawrence F. O’Brien Trophy, reserved for the NBA champion? Here are the favorites:

While we may not see much drama in the Eastern Conference once the playoffs begin it’s hard to argue against the entertainment that the current battle for the final couple of postseason sports has provided. The Milwaukee Bucks still sit alone in sixth and are likely next in line to clinch a playoff spot but beyond them there are four teams separated by one game competing for the final two postseason positions. Two of those four teams are in action Friday night. Here is a quick look at what to expect and where the smart money is heading in to a full slate of action.

A tournament that featured 68 teams has been reduced to four and with the overall no. 1 seed still standing undefeated it’s no surprise that the Kentucky Wildcats lead the list of remaining teams in terms of their betting odds to win it all. Kentucky has been the outright favorite to win it all since day one and now just two wins away from perfection it is clear how close they are to joining the truly elite college basketball teams of all-time. Here is a quick look at how the Final Four teams stack up with their odds to win it all listed next to them.

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