The Super Bowl: The Legal vs Illegal Sports Betting Conundrum


Every year, the Super Bowl is the most watched event in the world...and it is also the most gambled upon.

A lot of that gambling takes place in Las Vegas, the North American capital for legalized sports gambling, but the amount that takes place outside of Vegas is staggering, in the multiple of billions depending on which information you trust. Everybody seems to be finding a way to get down yet the laws that prohibit increasing the legal outlets for sports gamers are stagnant.

It used to be that one of the strongest opponents to the softening of the laws around gambling was the professional sports league’s themselves but they seem to be finally developing a more European approach. They have certainly welcomed the influx of dollars and interest that daily fantasy sports has brought them; and from there it is hard to argue that single game betting is all that horrible without seeming hypocritical (that doesn’t mean they won’t).

Further, there seems to be a strong precedent that casino gambling, which is where legalized sports betting takes place, is not turning America’s cities into degenerate populations. Many casinos are within a stone’s throw of various arenas and stadiums with little effect and I think you can make an easy argument that events like crazy Powerball lotteries have greater potential to corrupt the average person.

It seems like an inevitability that more states will be permitted to offer Vegas style single game wagering. It would certainly breathe some cash into the coffers of jurisdictions and would have to increase the professionalism of those involved as it would now be a regulated market. The market definitely seems ready and hungry for all of that.