Tennis Match-Fixing: How Serious Is It?


Over the years, various sports have come under fire for match-fixing. Soccer is one of the major sports that are at the forefront, but now it seems like it is time for tennis to go under the spotlight. News reports have come out in recent weeks that players have been approached to fix matches, and the timing hasn't been great as the Australian Open is in full swing.

This has probably been going on for a while now, but the media jumped on the story when world #1 Novak Djokovic said in an interview that his people had been approached in 2007 about the Serbian fixing a match. Of course, he has adamantly stated that he would never do it, but then other names have popped up. Aussie Lleyton Hewitt has been mentioned during his final appearance at the Australian Open. Then there was the incident in 2007 in Poland, where Nikolay Davydenko retired from his match with Martin Vassallo Arguello, and major wagering site Betfair launched an investigation as they thought something was fishy.

Now you have the Tennis Integrity Unit being investigated themselves, while Andy Murray has thrown out the possibility that tennis has to distance themselves from betting sites in order to keep this from happening. The details are only going to get more sordid and more players will be speaking out, and you can expect this to be a major storyline as 2016 rolls on. This is not going to go away quietly.