A study was conducted by the University of Waterloo recently, and it had to do with teenage gambling. Over 10,000 teenagers in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan showed that there was a sizable increase in gambling by teens, and they have done so in a number of ways.

One of the newest trends in online gambling is the use of bitcoin casinos. It took a while for bitcoins to catch on, but it is more and more prevalent now and it is only right that it moves into the world of online gambling, where you can get better odds and no one will know that you are playing.

Bitcoin casinos can offer better odds to their players because much of the costs that come from online casinos are from payment processing. This means whenever players make deposits or withdrawals, basically anything that uses your e-wallet or bank account, the player gets charged. Not with bitcoin casinos, where this is all free and that means they can work on giving better odds to the players, who are going to play more.

Once you really get into wagering you realize that there is a wealth of information out there but sometimes it is hard to decipher. One of the terms that is often bandied about is “Public” which is this case is not the opposite of private, more it is the term thrown at wagers that seem to be the most popular, at least by ticket count.

Over the years, various sports have come under fire for match-fixing. Soccer is one of the major sports that are at the forefront, but now it seems like it is time for tennis to go under the spotlight. News reports have come out in recent weeks that players have been approached to fix matches, and the timing hasn't been great as the Australian Open is in full swing.

Sports betting is definitely not just a North American thing. Players have been betting on soccer, golf and other sports all over the world for a long time, but some countries are still a little behind as they figure out how to legislate it. But once they get it, sports betting can be a major boost to the economy.

Fantasy GM’s that banked on the NBA MVP and the Golden State Warriors’ best player Stephen Curry on Monday night had to be disappointed when he went down with a head contusion that forced him to miss a quarter of action following a scary fall. Curry returned to finish the game but he struggled to find his rhythm and finished with 23 points, four assists, a rebound and six 3-point shots.

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