NHL Betting System: Goal Scored And Allowed Systems

Betting Systems

There is a new era in sports betting that has been evolving for a few years now as you are not solely depending on the talent in the lineups to make your picks. There are a number of different factors that now go into making a sports betting decision and while mathematics has always played a role in this business, players are now going above and beyond to get an advantage on the sportsbooks. This theory is just one way you can try to boost your NHL betting chances throughout the season.

What Is This Betting System All About?

This system is one that uses league averages to try and predict how many goals a team will score. Since NHL betting is a little simpler in that you don’t have to wager on spreads (in general; some sites will have a variation of this type of betting). Whoever scores the most goals wins, and this theory will help you figure that out if done correctly.

How This NHL Betting System Works

You have to find the league averages for goals scored and goals allowed for home and road teams to get you started, and that is why this theory works much better when you have a larger sample size; however, even for this lockout-shortened season in the NHL, you should be fine to use it from now to the end of the campaign. It should come as no surprise that the home team scores more goals than the away team, but it isn’t by as much as you would think.

Then you would check out the two teams in the matchup for which you are looking to bet on, and starting with the home team, you would take the number of goals they average on their own ice and divide it into the league average to figure out their percentage compared to the rest of the NHL. You do this for both the goals scored and against, for both the home and away teams.

Once you have the numbers for both teams, you can figure out the number of predicted goals.

For example, you would take the road team’s offensive percentage by the home team’s defensive percentage, and then multiply that number by the league average for goals scored by the away team. That would give you the predicted number of goals for the road team in this particular matchup. To find the home team’s predicted goals, do the same thing, just switch the teams where applicable.

How Successful Can It Be?

As was mentioned earlier, this can be a solid system if you have a large enough sample size to get decent averages, so this is probably better suited for later in the season. Teams can get off to a hot or cold start early in the season and the numbers could be skewed, so save this for the second half.

Overall, you can never have enough tips when it comes to sports betting, so give this NHL betting system a shot.