Definition of ‘Show’

This is a bet in horseracing that you collect if a horse comes first second or third.

Definition of ‘Shut Out’

What happens to a bettor who gets on the betting line too late and is still waiting in line when the window closes. Also, in sports betting, when the losing team does not score.

Definition of ‘Side’

To win one side and tie the other. For example, if you lay -2 1/2 and take 3 on the same game and the favourite wins by 3 you have SIDED the book. The book has been SIDED.

Definition of ‘Single’

Also known as a straight bet. Refers to a singular bet on one team, competitor or horse.

Definition of ‘Single Stakes About (or SSA)

A bet consisting of 2 bets on two selections (1 single on each selection any to come 1 single on the other selection reversed).

Definition of ‘Soccer’

Also known as football in Europe. A very popular sport in most continents. It involves two teams of eleven players attempting to win a 90 minute match by scoring the most goals. A goal constitutes the placement of a soccer football into the opposition’s net excluding the usage of hands.

Definition of ‘Special bet’

Also known as a proposition bet. This type of bet is odds set by the bookmaker on unique and various topics. This can include politics, pop music, etc.

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