Definition of ‘Scalper’

Someone who attempts to profit from the differences in odds from different books by betting both sides of the same game at different prices.

Definition of ‘Score’

To win a lot of money.

Definition of ‘Scouts’

Refers to a bettor that waits for what he considers to be an unusually strong wager. Basically, he is keeping an eye on the market movement and betting activity before choosing his bet.

Definition of ‘Scratch’

Refers to horseracing when a horse is withdrawn from the race before it has started. All wagers on this horse are then refunded.

Definition of ‘Sharp’

Another term for a wise guy - a professional gambler.

Definition of ‘Shorten’

when a bookmaker reduces the odds. The opposite to lengthen.

Definition of ‘Shortstop’

someone that bets small amounts and doesn’t bet often.

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