Definition of ‘Parlay’

Also known as an accumulator or multiple bet. A multiple bet where two or more bets are chosen and all these selections must win for the accumulator to payout.

Definition of ‘Past Post’

to make a bet after the event has started.

Definition of ‘Patent’

7 bets involving 3 selections in different events, i.e. a single on each selection, plus 3 doubles, and 1 treble.

Definition of ‘Payout’

Also known as winnings or return. A payout is how much a bettor receives from the bookmaker as a consequence of winning the bet.

Definition of ‘Perfecta’

Also known as a forecast or exacta. A selection of two horses to come 1st and in 2nd in a race in exact order.

Definition of ‘PGA’

Abbreviation for Professional Golfers Associations. The official and recognized body for golf.

Definition of ‘Pick’

when neither team is favoured.

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