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About Sportsbook Insiders

Sportsbook Insiders was created simply because there isn't enough honesty in the online sports betting industry. Too many times affiliate sites are bought out or are busted promoting sham sportsbook because they are taking money under the table. That's not how Sportsbook Insiders is - or will ever be - run.

The focus at Sportsbook Insiders is straightforward: honest and genuine sportsbook reviews based on our experience, our testing and our own research.

If we recommend a sportsbook, it's because they are safe, secure and offer a good product. While other sites might have a "top sportsbook" or "feature book" that simply pays to have that spot, Sportsbook Insiders only rates features and recommends that books that are legitimately the best.

Nowadays, it seems like many sportsbook review sites are either on the take or are aiming to be. Some people’s “top sportsbook” lists look a peculiar and the “feature book” on some sites isn’t necessarily a safe place for customers to put their money. Our focus is to provide honest reviews and highlight the safest, best places for you to deposit right away and play.

Ray Monohan

Ray Monohan has been a professional handicapper for more than 15 years (mostly off the web, until recently) and while winning picks are the priority, integrity is his main pillar. There’s no Game Of The Month/Year/Decade/Century/Millennium. Just plays between 5*-10* that he bets himself as well.

Ray has a Masters Degree in statistics, and has tied it into his passion for sports to build his career.


#1 NHL Handicapper in 2011 (+2533 units)

The Intern

Mike Hanrahan has teamed up with Ray Monohan to supply the techie side of things. Mike has been an avid sports fan for many years and has his share of experience with online sports betting. Mike fills in the gaps in content, posting and general management while Ray and Dave focus more on the actual content.

Dave Golokhov

Dave Golokhov has worked in sports media for nearly a decade, penning for the likes of Playboy, The Baltimore Sun, FOX Sports Funhouse, Covers.com and currently he's the longstanding senior columnist for Askmen.com. He's hosted several sports and sports betting shows on Sirius Satellite Radio and can often be heard on various ESPN radio affiliates either in Toronto, Montreal or Western New York. Dave adds his witty sarcasm and general sharp sports analysis flavor to the site and his overall media savvy is a pleasure to have.